Leaders as Talent Strategists by Gyan Nagpal

CEO’s rate talent as the scarcest resource in business

  • Hundreds of organisations still giving in to the temptation of quick fix & band – aid solutions rather than deep economic enquiry as the cornerstone of their talent agendas.
  • PWC 17th CEO Survey covering 1,344 CEO’s in 68 countries recognize the need to change their talent strategy with a majority 61% feeling like they haven’t even taken the first step
  • 4 Steps to be taken to reboot talent agendas and transform them into commercial and forward looking talent strategy :
  1. Discover your talent Recipe :
    1. Speed
    2. Cost
    3. Alliances
    4. Flow
    5. Flexibility
  2. Diagnose :
    1. Micro Factors – Changing Employee Preferences
    2. Macro Factors – Demand & Supply of Capability
  3. Refocus People Manager’s Role :
    1. Shift from Industrial Age to Knowledge Economy
    2. It is more about Capability Contribution across a network of sources
    3. Less hierarchical & More Democratic
  4. Put Leaders in Driver’s Seat :
    1. Supply of Talent
    2. Networks of outsourced or Contingent Work
    3. Reskilling & Innovating                                                                                                                                                                                           Source : Published in Business Today 7th June 2015